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Low-carbon homes

Low Carbon Homes in Headington


Averil Stedeford won the Observer Ethical Award of 2006. She has turned her Headington semi into an environmentally friendly house, with a wind turbine above the roof, photo-voltaic cells to convert light to electricity, solar panels to heat water, and an underground storage tank for rainwater.


Gavin Killip has transformed the energy use and carbon emissions of an Edwardian house in Holyoake Road. The major features have been retained, whilst excellent insulation, good heating system and low energy lights and appliances reduce carbon emissions by around 50%.

Charles and Wiltrud Young moved into the first certified Passive House to be built in Oxfordshire at 53 Kennett Road in October 2012. The house is built of Durisol blocks (recycled wood chips), and its windows, doors and rooflight are triple glazed. Roof tiles are recycled plastic. Ventilation and heating are supplied by a Genvex air-source heat pump, which supplements a solar thermal panel for hot water. Photovoltaic panels are inset into the
roof. A green roof (to be fitted late in 2013) covers the rear extension. Design was by Green Factory in Benson, and construction by local builder Frank McKenna and his team.