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Easy to do..............

These hints and tips have been suggested by members or from Carbon Conversations Groups.

  • lower your thermostat by one degree
  • use an electricity monitor to keep track of what you use
  • stop up all draughty windows and doors
  • sign up to iMeasure so that you can monitor your energy use
  • turn  off the heating in any rooms you don't use
  • set the timer on your heating to go off one hour before you go to bed
  • Headington Homewares sells secondary glazing film for windows at £12.50 a roll.
  • For extremely low energy lightbulbs go to LEDHut which has 4W bulbs for all sorts of light fittings - see
  • Would you like to know where your home is loosing heat?  If you would like to have your house thermally imaged, contact

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