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Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  13 January 2015

Present:  Hilary, Lesley, Jill, Mary G

Apologies:  Mary W, Seb, Glyn, Alison, Robin



Solar Panels:

  • A flyer has been produced and suggestions were made for minor improvements.  There will be A5 and A6 versions.  Various members offered to distribute them and they will be handed out at the next Farmers Market.
  • Jill will chair the meeting.  Mary G will provide a short introduction to Tim for Jill.
  • Mary G will provide tea and coffee, although we will ask Waitrose if they would provide biscuits.
  • Alison will speak for 5 minutes on LCH in the hopes that we can attract some more active members.
  • There will be sign up sheets for all the groups and for the core group.
  • LCH leaflets will be available








Wind Turbine Group: Unfortunately there had been little interest in this topic, so we decided to leave it for a while.


Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Halla is now part of the Housing Group
  • Hilary is part of the Neighbourhood Character Group



Chair/Secretary/Treasurer: this will be discussed in February as time does not allow. It was noted that Mary Woollliams has decided to step down as treasurer due to work commitments.



Carbon Conversations: there will be another group held in February pending the issue of a new handbook.

Mary G

Lobbying Group:

  • Mary G and Jill will be attending a meeting with the local Friends of the Earth Group to discuss lobbying and a hustings in March with a ‘cross party’ approach.
  • Greenpeace have declined to join in and there has been a negative reaction for East Oxford CAGs.  Although contact will be made with South Oxford.

Mary G/Jill

CAG Funding: awaiting news of the funding meeting

David MacKay energy requirements website: it was suggested that we discuss this with a strategy meeting in February.

AOB: on 28 February there will be a talk entitled Cost of Life on Earth from 10am to 5pm at Wesley Memorial.  This is run by the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility.

Date of Next Meeting:

  • Solar Energy talk on 4 February
  • Core Group Meeting 18 February

Date of Next Meeting:  18 February



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