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Feb 2015

Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  18 February 2015

Present:  Jill, Mary, Lesley, Glyn

Apologies:  Alison



Solar Panel Meeting

Jill congratulated all those involved in the Solar Panel Meeting which had a good turnout of 38 people and was followed by a lively discussion.



Neighbourhood Plan:

  • The transport group has submitted its plans.
  • Mary G will ask Halla for an update on the housing group


Mary G

Carbon Conversations:

  • New books have been ordered.
  • Mary G will talk to Alison and Katy so that she can concentrate on a group  at Windmill School
  • She will also postpone the meeting at the library




Mary G

Lobbying Group:

  • Mary, Jennifer and Jill will be attending a meeting to discuss hustings at the Town Hall
  • Jill will take our letter which has 3 signatories
  • Jill mentioned that the treasury are trying ‘to strangle community energy’.


Mary, Jennifer, Jill

Farmers Market:

Nothing was done at the last market, but Mary will organise volunteers to hand out flyers for the upcoming climate march in London .

Mary G

Thermal Imaging:

  • No report forthcoming
  • Lesley to contact Alison and Mary W for an update

Chair, Treasurer and Secretary/Strategic Planning Meeting

  • There were various thoughts on how we could proceed, particularly as Lesley may well be moving towards the end of April.
  • We will combine the search for Core Group members with the Strategic Planning meeting, which will be held at Mary G’s house and be partly social.
  • Mary G and Jill will contact possible recruits to invite them
  • A need for a communications person was identified
  • Mary G will send out a doodle for week beginning 13 April.


Mary G and Jill

CAG Funding: the decision to cut the funding has been overturned.


Date of Next Meeting:  Mary G to arrange.



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