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Chair's Report 2014/2015


Before giving a very brief list of this year’s activities, once again I wish to express my deepest thanks to the small band of individuals who made them possible: Mary and Robin Gill, Lesley Harris, Alison Grunewald, Jennifer Marsden, Mary Woolliams, Anna Murray and Hilary Rollin. You are all – without exception – stars!

Apart from the work of groups such as Gardening, the Swap Shop, Thermal Imaging Carbon Conversations and the Market stalls, the highlights of 2014-15 can be summarised as follows:

  • The LCH contribution to the Neighbourhood Plan Report
  • The Solar Panel // PV Talk given by Tim Nicholson to a standing-room-only audience
  • The letters to prospective parliamentary candidates for Oxford East asking their views on crucial climate change issues;
  • LCH’s contribution to the pre-election East Oxford Environmental Hustings   and
  • LCH’s presence at the post-election Climate Change Lobby of Parliament – particularly meeting with Andrew Smith.

Despite the above, with myself, the Secretary and Treasurer of LCH all standing down, it was felt a strategy meeting was necessary to see if LCH were to carry on and if so, in what fashion. The meeting was held in April and reached the following conclusions:

  • LCH ought to continue but with a different structure
  • The current monthly ‘core-group’ meetings would be discontinued;
  • Funding should be sought for a part-time coordinator to handle the website and communications;
  • Regular newsletters would be discontinued but issued when there’s something particular to report;
  • The positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – necessary to maintain a bank account – would become nominal.


It was agreed to have an LCH coordinator to deal with emails and act as front person; a treasurer and a web-site coordinator. The volunteers for the positions of coordinator and treasurer will be confirmed at this meeting. Otherwise, the work of the groups mentioned above will carry on: “a leaner LCH concentrating on specific areas such as: Carbon Conversations, Thermal Imaging and Lobbying on Climate Change Issues and Gardening.


Jill Haas

July, 2015



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