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AGM 2015

LCH AGM – 7 July 2015

At the Gill Home, Headington

Present: Mary G, Mary N, Jill, Jennifer, Lesley, Katherine

Apologies: Glyn

Annual Report and Accounts

Minutes  of last meeting: approved

Matters arising:

  • Neighbourhood Plan: despite various attempts and invitations from groups to feed into this there was really only one success and that was the Transport Group which has been very well received with some excellent input.
  • Strategic Plan: at a dedicated planning meeting it was decided that there would no longer be regular Core Group meetings, but that the individual groups would continue and there would be occasional meetings to regulate events.

Chairs Report: Jill expressed thanks to all those who had worked hard during the year and a copy will appear on the website.

Election of Officers:
Temporary Coordinator    Mary Gill
Treasurer                            Jennifer Marsden
Temporary Secretary         Lesley Harris

There was a unanimously carried vote of thanks to Jill Haas for her many years contribution as Chair, to Mary Woolliams as Treasurer, who finally managed to get our bank account name correct with the Co-op and to Lesley Harris for her work as Secretary.

Priorities for Next Year:
  1. Website: Mary, Chess and Robin have made a start at looking at content for a new website and are looking for someone to design and build this.
  2. Carbon conversations:  we hope to run a group in the autumn after a taster session in September.
  3. The lobbying group: this was successful in lobbying local candidates during the general election and they are now turning their sights on lobbying the government.
  4. Thermal Imaging: there are plans to conduct more imaging during the winter.
  5. Any Other Business:
    • The Food Directory: this has been produced by Low Carbon Oxford North and we may buy some copies to take to events.
    • Gardening Group: this hasn’t happened this summer due to time constraints.


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