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Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  8 September  2013

Present: Lesley, Glyn, Hilary, Jill, Anna, Mary G, Robin, Alison

Apologies: Mary W



Neighbourhood Plan: Alison has done some work on this.  The forum was officially designated on 10 September and there are 6 policy groups waiting to be designated officially.  Here is a link to the website which shows what the groups are:


  1. We will  take an overview of the plan
  2. Jill will draft a proposal to the forum to this effect
  3. Mary G will look for a definition of the word ‘sustainable’
  4. We will look for experts who would be interested in helping to take the overview








Mary G


Wind Turbine Group: hopes to reconvene shortly


Carbon Conversations

  1. 2 potential leaders from the New Hinksey group
  2. Seb and Chess will facilitate a new group shortly, although the student group from Brookes has not proved easy to arrange.
  3. Mary G hopes to lead a group at Windmill School, with a taster session in November
  4. There will be a taster session at the Library shortly



Political Group:

  1. Mary, Jennifer and Jill will send letters to prospective candidates for the 2015 general election which will include a reference to the Burning Question.
  2. They will try and run a hustings in conjunction with North and (hopefully) East Oxford.
  3. Responses to their letters will be disseminated.
  4. There will be a meeting this Friday



Farmers Market

  1. 1. We will continue to promote the petition at the market
  2. 2. It was noted that the future of the market is in question.

Thermal Imaging Group:

  1. The camera is booked for early January and individual streets will be targeted
  2. There is a particular interest in fuel poverty
  3. It was noted that in the streets already done, ie: Gardiner Street and the Highfield area, more double glazing had been installed.
  4. If you wish to be involved please contact Mary W

CAG Skillshare: so far only Glyn is going.

Logo and Leaflet: the leaflet is beginning to look very good.  But there was some debate about the logo.  Alison will have some thoughts about it.



Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday, 15 October



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