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Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  16 October 2014

Present:  Anna, Lesley, Glyn,  Jill, Mary G, Robin

Apologies:  Mary W, Seb



Veg Van: we have received an email from Mim of Cultivate who wishes to start an online shop and hopes we will be part of the hub.  We have asked her either to come and talk to us or to explain exactly what this will entail before we contact our members.

Mary G




Solar Panels: Tim Nicholson has offered us a talk on solar panels/biomass boilers.  We wondered if we could organise a talk shortly after the thermal imaging project in January and/or in conjunction with Carbon Conversations.

Mary G to follow up

Neighbourhood Plan: the Housing Committee would like a representative from the group.

Jill/Mary G/Alison to ask relevant people.

Wind Turbine Group: Jill will reconvene the group shortly.



Carbon Conversations: Mary G is still awaiting confirmation from the library that it will be possible to hold a taster session.  Meantime she will concentrate on the Switch Off week at Windmill School.

Mary G/Alison

Lobbying Group (ex Political Group):

  • have sent a list of candidates to other  CAGS with a question to be asked.
  • We are hoping to help with the hustings with the local FoE group although their aims are broader than ours.
  • There has been correspondence with Andrew Smith re Euro targets as David Cameron is trying to reduce targets
  • There is also a question of how reporting is done within the government.  The Department of the Environment does not include the carbon cost of manufacturing abroad whereas the Department for Agriculture does.

Mary G to write to Andrew Smith

Farmers Market/Petition:

  • the petition was well supported in Headington but does not seem to have been supported by other groups in the county. Jill will take our version to the next meeting of the Climate and Flood Alliance to ask advice on what to do.
  • The board will be put out for the next Farmers Market.  No news on the continuance of the market.


Thermal Imaging:

  • There will be training in interpretation
  • The group will be looking for champions in each street

Logo/Leaflet: a bit of a hiatus due to pressure of work.

Any other business:

  • CAG share offer
  • Jill’s play Troublesome People will be touring in the New Year so she may have to step down as Chair.
  • Anna  has decided to step down.  We have voted her Member Emeritus and hope that she will attend many of our events.  We will miss her good humour at our meetings.  Any offers to do a newsletter gratefully received.
  • Alison has suggested a small group of representatives of Oxford CAGs meeting to discuss forthcoming issues to ensure we are all speaking with the same voice and not stepping on each other’s toes.



Date of Next Meeting:  18 November 2014



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