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November 2014

Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  18 November 2014

Present:  Lesley, Jill, Mary G, Alison

Apologies:  Glyn, Robin, Hilary



Veg Van: Mary and Jill have spoken to Mim Saxl.  She is looking for a place of delivery (pod) in Headington and was looking for some local knowledge.  Cultivate will supply vegetables, meat and milk through an on line shop as well as Sesi products. They currently have pods in Cowley Road, Charlbury and Summertown.  Mary and Jill suggested they approach the Baptist Church or the Fair Trade shop.







Solar Panels:

  • We hope to have a meeting on 28 January at the Coach House.  A projector and screen will be needed.
  • Tim Nicholson will be speaking to us.


Lesley to book

Neighbourhood Plan: the Chair of the Housing Committee has asked us for a representative.  Halla Huws has been approached.  Mary G will find out exactly what the remit is.


Mary G

Wind Turbine: Van Coulter (local Coucillor) has been in contact with an ethical renewables company who are keen to liaise with the MoD.

If we can get 9 people to work on this then we will proceed, however if not we will very regrettably have to say ‘no’ to working with this company.


Jill to advise Van


Carbon Conversations: there was nothing more to add to last time.  Although Mary told us about a play she had been to at the Royal Court as part of the Carbon Conversations team  to take footprints.  Audience members were amazed at how flights increased their footprints.

Lobbying Group: There was a meeting on Wednesday.

  • A letter to election candidates re fossil fuels has been shared with Friends of the Earth.
  • We must remain politically neutral
  • The replies will be publicised

Jill to advise Karl and Craig

Farmers Market: volunteers required for 28 November.

Mary G

Thermal Imaging Meeting: the group were disappointed on the training for reading the images.  However the group is growing well, although the weather has not been conducive to carrying out surveys.

CAG Skillshare:

  • Alison attended the section on solar panels.  Anthony Simpson talked on how you can judge suitability for these on public building by looking at images on Google Earth.
  • She would like to look at local community/business rooves such as Waitrose or the Co-op.
  • Jill offered to help
  • There is a need for more technically able folk.
  • Glyn attended the PAT testing and is happy to help the Swapshop should they need it.


Logo and Leaflet: delayed due to time

AOB: Mary would like to organise a social event to get group members playing with the David Mackay model for how to meet energy needs.

Date of Next Meeting: 13 January 2015



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