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Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  5 May 2013

Present:  Lesley, Anna, Jill, Mary G, Robin, Ruth Wilkinson

Apologies: Hilary, Mary W, Seb


Neighbourhood Plan: Ruth Wilkinson addressed the group and looked at the contribution prepared by Robin, Seb and Quartus.  She congratulated them on all the work they had done and clarified that although the Headington area as defined for the purposes of the plan did not include Wood Farm, Sandhills and Risinghurst and Hill Top Road, this did not preclude residents from those areas inputting their opinions.

  • Two areas for consideration: planning and community
  • 65% of shop frontage in Headington must be A1 retail.  A change of ratio is up for consultation currently.
  • There is a limit on betting shops
  • There are 3 levels in the consultation:
    • Forum
    • The Steering Group
    • Various Policy Groups
    • Subject areas are:
      • Amenities
      • Education
      • Environment
      • Housing
      • Identity and Character
      • Local Economy
      • Transport
      • There is a ‘vision statement’ for Headington.  Ruth felt that sustainability was an undercurrent in all the above groups and we have suggested the following vision statement to replace the current one as it underscores the need for sustainability:

The Headington Neighbourhood Plan seeks to promote positive, healthy and sustainable development of our Headington community for all who live here, while preserving what is distinctive and agreeable about Headington as a place to live, learn and work in, and resisting external pressures for changes that only benefit outside interests.

  • Where do we go from here? 
    • Representatives from LCH for each group?
    • Someone from the Planning Department to speak to each group?
    • Get in touch with Brookes Student Union?
    • Ruth will report on our meeting to the Steering Group on Wednesday and will find out how best to use our expertise
    • She asked us what she could take away from the meeting and we suggested:
      • Feeding into the planning process
      • What input can we have
      • Monitoring







Ruth Wilkinson


  • Wind Turbines this is suspended until we know what time we have available.
  • Car Club No action
  • Farmers Market there  will be a stall on Friday
  • Carbon Conversations preparations are under way  for a new group in New Hinksey.
  • Thermal Imaging our most important item.  First meeting fairly soon.
  • Stalls we decided not to do the stall at Headington Fair


CAG Social

Alison, Jill, Anna and Lesley will attend

Jill to advise the organisers

Grants and finances

All OK




  • We will ask for help with sustainability for the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Mary G will ask Alison for an item on Thermal Imaging


Mary G


It was suggested that we have a small scale gathering of the Core Group in someone’s house for a bring and share on 23 June – this is to be confirmed.

Date of Next Meeting:  23 June, at the Headington Baptis Church, NOTE the time: 7-9pm.  (to be confirmed)



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