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Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  17 March 2014

Present: Anna, Seb, Lesley, Glyn, Mary G, Jill, Mary W

Apologies: Robin, Hilary



Carbon Conversations: Mary had visited New Hinksey School.  There may be a group there.

Katy and Mary G

Strategy Meeting:

  • A rough plan has been agreed and will be circulated.
  • We need to think about strengths and opportunities
  • Whether we should include renewable energy
  • As many as possible to come!
  • There will be a summary for the newsletter


Mary G/Lesley

Thermal Imaging:

Thanks to Mary G and Alison for doing a grand job.

  • Most people in Gardiner Street have had their homes imaged
  • Alison has done a booklet of remedies and suggestions
  • Sadly only  two people came to the get together



Farmers Market, Car Club and Wind Turbine Group:

We await the outcome of the strategic planning meeting



Traffic Group:

  • Reports have been circulated
  • Jill will attend the next meeting


CIC Board

Lesley was voted for the Board

Proposed: Jill

Seconded: Seb


Anna would like information by the end of March, although the Strat Plan information will be supplied after the meeting on 7 April.

Grants: £100 from CAG to pay for the Strategic Plan

Any Other Business:

  • Oxford Climate Flooding Alliance: next meeting will be 25 March at 7pm.  Jill will write this up for the newsletter




Date of Next Meeting:  7 April  Strategic Planning Meeting



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