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June AGM

Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes AGM  23 June 2014

Present: Jill, Lesley, Glyn, Patrick, Mary G, Alison, Robin, Mary W, Jennifer, Chris and Adam Symons

Apologies:  Seb




  • Strategy Meeting: discussions proved how proud of ourselves we should be.  We decided to concentrate on thermal imaging and lobbying local politicians prior to the next election as this is where our strengths lie
  • Car Club: the car club in Headington is being expanded
  • Thermal Imaging: the aim is to image Headington street by street together with parents from Windmill School.
    • There is a need to explain what we can do
    • Should we advertise in Headington Monthly
    • How are we most likely to engage the public

The next meeting of the group is on 9 July at 7:30

The group should be added to the website and the leaflet

  • Political Group: Jill had emailed Andrew Smith to ask him what he is doing against fracking.  Andrew replied that he will vote against.

We should contact other local Low Carbon Groups, emphasising our neutrality prior to the next elections hopefully to arrange a hustings.

  • Gardening Group: still a successful and lively group








The group to consider



Election of officers

Chair: J ill Haas (re-elected)

Secretary: Lesley Harris (re-elected)

Treasurer: Mary Woolliams (re-elected)

Lesley made it clear that she will be stepping down next year.


Climate Change Petition

  • This is a petition directed to David Cameron regarding climate change and flooding in the county.
  • We would like to sign this as an organisation, so Lesley will circulate this with the minutes to see if any members have an objection




Adam Symons – Neighbourhood Plan Project Officer

  • The neighbourhood plan has to be in general conformity with national government guidelines.  Here is a link to the National Planning Policy Framework:  This is not ideal, but it is what we have.
  • The area has been approved
  • An interim forum and policy groups are in place and a designated forum will be formed shortly, which will be fed into by designated policy groups which will canvas opinion from all stakeholders in Headington (17,500 residents plus people who work and shop in the area)
  • After a long process, the council will approve and referendum of residents in the designated area will be held.
  • Neighbouring areas have to be taken into account
  • When approved the plan will be on line and on paper in various designated places
  • Environmental and sustainability concerns are to be integrated into all groups.

What can we do? It would be helpful for us to convene a small group to scrutinise the work of the other groups for sustainability and carbon reduction.  As Alison has contacts with both Oxford University and Brookes she will ask for some expert help.

It is important to emphasise that nothing is set in stone yet.




Date of Next Meeting:  14 July 2014



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