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Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes 14 July 2013

Present:  Glyn, Lesley, Jill, Mary G, Mary W

Apologies:  Hilary, Anna, Robin



Neighbourhood Plan: Seb was unable to attend the meeting, but has sent the following update:

The leader of the neighbourhood plan would like to discuss the setting up of the environmental group with Jill. It would make more sense in my opinion to have a an advisory group which feeds into the building, open space and transport groups as the majority of the environmental aspects get covered in those areas. Then waste management from recycling provision and the biodiversity, food can be feed in by Low Carbon Headington at a strategic level.

There is simple danger that making a new group will make the integration of the proposals from the existing 6 groups hard.



Wind Turbine Group:  Jill will reconvene the group in the autumn/winter


Carbon Conversations:

  • The North Hinksey group has now finished and it is hoped that they will find their own facilitator to run further groups in their area
  • There has been a Facilitators Group Meeting:
    • There will be a group in October and a taster session at the library
    • Windmill School is focusing on the environment this year and there will be a group composed of parents
    • There is a small bank of useful videos which Lesley will upload onto the website



Mary G/Seb

Mary G/Lesley

Political Group: Mary, Jill and Jennifer will be contacting other groups locally by next Thursday to contact their MPs regarding flooding and carbon reduction.  They will devise a letter that these groups might use which will also be circulated via the Low Carbon Hub possibly in September.


Mary G/Jill/Jennifer


Farmers Market: The petition regarding flooding is doing well and has enabled those doing it to engage passers-by in a discussion about carbon reduction.

Mary G/Jill/Lesley

Thermal Imaging: Mary W, Alison and Seb have met and discussed an action plan.  There will be a meeting in the next few days to discuss the way forward and to arrange funding for a leaflet to give people suggestions on how to lower their carbon emissions. They hope to work with Age Concern.


They hope to link in with Age Concern and Windmill School

Mary W/Alison/Seb

Logo/Leaflet: the circulated leaflet was much appreciated with some small changes to be made.


Community Energy England: We aren’t completely convinced we should join this.  Jill will contact the Hub for their views.


Funding: We have £600 in the Bank



Date of Next Meeting:   8 September 2014



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