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January 2014

Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes:  20 January 2014

Present: Anna, Lesley, Jill, Brian, Jennifer, Robin, Mary G

Apologies:  Seb, Hilary, Mary W



Wind Turbine Group: Jill and Lesley visited Als Parker at the Low Carbon Hub.  Als suggested that they add the original proposal to their report to David Cameron and use the Westmill model of community involvement to strengthen their case.


Als suggested 3 smaller turbines might be better, but it was felt that the group should check the wind speeds







Transport Group (edited highlights from minutes by Lesley):

  • discussion of cycle paths between Gladstone Road and Wharton Road with council, but no developments yet
  • Concern from residents of Kennet Road re deliveries to the new Sainsburys
  • Discussion of Quarry Transport group suggestions and how these might relate to Old Headington and other areas.
  • Neighbourhood Plan Interim Steering Group now has a plan to define the area of Headington (exludes part of Quarry, Risinghurst and Sandhills as they have a parish council).


Open Shop Doors: Peacocks has now closed, but Holland & Barratt keep their doors open unless it is very cold.  Could members kindly go into shops with open doors and ask why?  It might make them think.



Carbon Conversations:

  • One group is just finishing.
  • The taster session at the library was a great success
  • Seb has a group starting at Brookes



Farmers Market:

  • Stalls only  on 2nd Friday of the month
  • Mary G and Lesley to get together to organise some carbon foot printing exercises, for which we will offer an apple as a prize.


Mary G and Lesley

Neighbourhood Plan: this is proceeding towards a report in September.  A reply  re planning issues is awaited.

Robin, Quartus and Seb

Community Director Nominations: Jill is unhappy to attend meetings as they are held in the Said Business School, which is funded by an arms dealer.  She has reported this to the hub, but has not received a satisfactory answer.  It was decided that she would ask for an agenda and minutes of the last meeting so that we can decide how much of a priority this is.  We can then decide if we need a proxy member.


Open Homes:  this will take place on 14/15 June and we have been asked if we have any members either with environmentally friendly homes or who are changing to a more low carbon lifestyle.


It was noted that Headington Action also run a similar event and we wondered if it was possible to combine the event with theirs.

Jill to check what they are doing.

Strategic Planning: this will probably take place in February or March, led by Rebecca Nestor and we will be looking at a 5 year plan to help us  to focus.  We will apply for a grant to cover the costs.


Core Group members will be invited.

Mary G

Newsletter: this will be going out before Easter.  Deadline is 20 March, please let Anna have some articles on things people didn’t know before, so thinking caps on!


Lye Valley: we are now signed up and will get regular emails.

Thermal Imaging: we have a member who is keen to use the camera and it is planned to do one street at a time starting in Gardener Street, the photos will be printed and there will be a local meeting to look at them and to discuss the issues.


We have the camers from 22 Feb for 14 days.

Alison and Mary G

Date of Next Meeting:  17 February 2014



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