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Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  17 February 2014

Present:  Anna, Mary G, Jill, Alison, Lesley

Apologies:  Seb, Hilary, Glyn, Robin



Wind Turbine Group: Jill is working on a proposal to send to David Cameron.  Previously we had discussed smaller turbines, but they may not be practical. She has reminded Als at Low Carbon Hub about the offer help, but has as yet heard nothing.


We had had an invitation from Westmill Wind Farm to join a community energy group.  Jill will write to them to ask for technical help.


Alison will ask her partner (who works for the ECI for help)








Transport Group: there will be a meeting of this group on 18 February.

Robin will attend

Carbon Conversations: Seb had reported that there weren’t quite enough people to run a group at Brookes and he is trying to recruit more.


Mary will be going to a South Oxford school to carry out a carbon footprinting evening.  She hopes to start a group at the school and to train a facilitator so that groups can be run in that area.  The floods have concentrated minds!


Concern was expressed that all the talk is about mitigation rather than the causes of the weather events.



Seb to advise

Mary G

Farmers Market: No stall last week, but there will be one next time.


Mary and Lesley  will arrange to do some carbon footprinting when the weather is a little warmer


There will be some information on thermal imaging on the stall next time.


Mary and Lesley

Mary and Alison

Car Club:  There are now two new cars in Headington

Neighbourhood Plan:

  • input on this has gone very quiet as Seb has been unwell and Quartus has left.
  • The group are still awaiting information from David Rundle
  • There is a ward meeting on 24 Feb
  • Robin or Mary will talk to David Rundle


Robin or Mary

Community Directorships: Lesley has put herself forward and awaits the result of the elections.

Open Homes: we decided not to participate in this

Strategic Planning:

  • Mary has spoken to Rebecca Nestor and confirmed the date as 7 April from 6-10pm
  • Lesley will send out invitations
  • The grant will cover half the costs and has not been confirmed but should be OK.
  • Mary will liaise with Rebecca.




Newsletter: this was discussed and will contain

  • Results of the Strategic Planning meeting
  • Hints and tips
  • Thermal imaging
  • Wind turbine
  • Swapshop
  • Gardening Group

Mary G






Grants and Finances: the bank account is healthy.  Mary G will apply  for the grant for the Strategic Planning evening.

Thermal Imaging: Alison and Mary G are doing a fine job with this.

  • Mary and Alison will image Gardiner Street.  Residents will be leafleted with an opt out  - so houses will be imaged unless the resident says no.
  • Mary will host a meeting to show the results to the residents
  • Alison will provide information on the grants and the way forward.

Mary G and Alison

Date of Next Meeting:  17 March



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