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April Strategic Planning Report

LCH Strategy meeting

Ten members of the LCH Core group attended a very useful strategy meeting during April, at which we had an opportunity to stop and think: to record the group’s achievements, to revisit our key purposes, and to identify direction and priorities for the coming year or two.

We considered what the group is doing really well, the opportunities and possibilities available to us, and our aspirations and plans for the future.

We hope you will think we have made some good plans, and we hope that some of you will want to help us with these projects!

Here’s a summary of what we decided:

Our main focus will be on

  1. Extending the thermal imaging project
  2. Carbon Conversations groups
  3. Communicating with and expanding our active membership
  4. Boosting sustainability in the Neighbourhood Plan
  5. A working group with a political focus

1. Thermal Imaging Project:

It was felt that the Thermal Imaging project could be the foundation for our work over the next two years, as we could potentially get a large number of people interested in issues, and potentially recruit more active members as a result too. (see below for an account of what’s been done so far)

A number of members of the group are already trained to use thermal imaging equipment and to discuss the findings of thermal imaging with the owners of property/relevant stakeholders.

The camera can only be used effectively in cold weather, so we shall use the summer for planning, in readiness to get going in autumn/ winter.

We can start by involving Windmill School (where we already have links) or possibly in one of the local Residents’ Association areas.

In the longer term we will consider applying for a grant to buy a camera, and sharing it with other local organisations (eg schools, Oxford Brookes University etc)

Anyone else who is keen to get involved with this project please contact MaryW/ Alison

2. Carbon Conversations

We shall continue setting up Carbon Conversations groups to help people reduce their carbon footprints (see below). The next one in Headington will be held during the autumn. We shall talk to Bury Knowle Library about  putting on another ‘taster’ session in the autumn as one way of recruiting participants.

Carbon Conversations groups also have the potential to expand our active membership.

Anyone else who is keen to get involved with this project please contact Mary (

3. Communicating with and expanding our active membership

We shall mainly do this through projects 1 and 2.

4. Neighbourhood plan

Two  members of the group have been working on sustainable planning principles for consideration in the Headington Neighbourhood Plan. (For instance priority should be given to energy efficiency in new houses and shops.) There are draft proposals which need to be discussed by the Core Group and it will then be finalised.

Anyone else who is keen to get involved with this project please contact Robin (

We also have representatives on the Headington Transport Group which will make recommendations on transport to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

5. A new LCH working group with a political focus

LCH aims to raise awareness in our community of climate change and reduce local carbon emissions. But we know that if we are to succeed in overcoming the threat of climate change we need top-down action on climate change too, from those with political power. We agreed that LCH should also try to use its influence as a local community group to encourage discussion about how to solve the problems of climate change in political terms and influence EU, government and local authority policy. This seems to us especially important in the run-up to the general election in 2015.

We have in mind contacting all candidates for MP, questioning them on climate change policies, and trying to enter a dialogue with them. We would then disseminate information about the different parties’ positions to the public in Headington (eg via the LCH market stall, and possibly at a public meeting). We would not be endorsing a particular party but would seek to inform Headington people about the parties’ different positions, and to raise the profile of climate change among local citizens. We would hope that more people will consider this an important issue when they decide how to vote.

Anyone else who is keen to get involved with this project please contact Mary (


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