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Meeting Reports 2013

Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes:  11 NOVEMBER  2013

Present: Lesley, Glyn, Jill, Robin, Mary

Apologies:  Seb, Hilary, Anna, Quartus



Wind Turbine Group:

  • The low carbon hub are having a solar schools action, but Windmill School will raise money through the parents group, as will Cheney School
  • Jill has been contacted by Mike Blanche a wind turbine consultant.





Jill to contact

Traffic Group

Lesley reported on this group which had had a meeting with both bus companies.  The main concern at the meeting had been the London Buses.


Open Shop Doors

Lesley has written to Greggs and awaits a reply



CAG Skillshare

Lesley reported on this.  She had attended two workshops.

  1. Campaign tips: this gave tips on campaigning and came with a hand out.
  2. Fuel Poverty: this was given by Chris Church and was felt to be of importance to low carbon groups.




Jill to invite Chris to a meeting in January

Carbon conversations

  • Currently in the middle of one group, but oversubscribed
  • Plans to run a group with a facilitator in East Oxford
  • A new group will be run at Brookes
  • Publicity will be sought through either the Oxford Mail or Limited Edition

Jill and Mary to look at an angle for this

Farmers Market:

  • Mary G will ask Anna if she is able to continue
  • Stalls should concentrate on a campaign
  • We will look into measuring carbon footprints

Mary G

Mary G and Lesley

Neighbourhood Plan

  • Robin, Seb and Quartus having been working on planning input, copy attached.
  • This has been sent to Ruth Wilkinson and David Rundle for planning advice.
  • The referendum will be run in conjunction with another election, such as the local council elections or the general election.


The Low Carbon Hub are compiling statistics on our work throughout the county for a consortium of county councils.  Mary and Lesley have input the data, but there was an issue with Carbon Conversations, as it wasn’t measuring the information correctly.  Mary G has met up with the Low Carbon Hub to resolve the issue.


It may be that there will be a follow up at 6 months and/or 12 months.

Mary G to keep us updated


This will happen on 20 April.  Deadline is 1 April.


Lesley will do a short update for the website




We have £560 in the bank!

Lye Valley

We have paid a £10 sub for membership of this group

Mary  W will organise this

Date of Next Meeting:  20th January



Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  October  2013

Present: Anna, Lesley, Hilary, Jill, Mary G, Seb, Robin

Apologies:  Van, Glyn, Mary W



Car Club

Co-wheels membership is rising, so we need another car in Headington.


Wind Turbine Group: next meeting of the group is 23 October and the campaign re radar systems used by the MoD will be discussed.


Hilary told us about her visit to Westmill Wind Farm (details attached).


Jill told us about Good Energy Bonds, details as follows:


Jill has spoken to Windmill School and will now leave the decision to the parents at the school.  Cheyney School are also interested.


It was noted that the UK will not make the 3rd Object of the Climate Change Act and that we must have all types of renewable energy in place by 2015.







Headington Traffic Group:

There is funding to improve cycling at the Plain, but there have been objections from the bus companies as it involves leaving only one lane for other traffic.


There is also a discussion with the County Council asking them to expand the Headington Traffic  Strategy to either include either the whole city or the at least the Eastern Arc.


Open Doors

Peacocks site has now been sold to Sainsbury, so this is no longer an issue.


Greggs doors remain open and Lesley will contact their managing director to ask the result of their survey on closing doors.




Coop Bank/Finance update: we cannot apply for a grant from the Co-op as we had one recently.  However, the offer from Energy Saving Co-op should bring us in some revenue and we have a total of £414.30 in the bank account.



Carbon  Conversations

The recent group was oversubscribed and so there will be a new group in January as well as a group at Brookes run by Seb and Wendy.


There was a need for a facilitators group meeting.


Neighbourhood Plan

We looked at the possibility of a low carbon feed into this.  This is being prepared by Seb, Robin and Quartus.


Jill will find out when the input has to be completed



Farmers Market

Jill was concerned that last Friday there had been few stalls and she had been unable to hand out many leaflets.  Lesley said that earlier there had been a lot of people and she had handed out a lot of leaflets.


The market manager had said that more stalls will be coming in the near future.


It was agreed to have only the A Frame at the next market.

Mary G


Mary G will supply Anna with some up-beat stories.  If you have information for the newsletter, please email Anna.

Mary G/Anna/All

Lye Valley

We agreed to pay a £5 subscription to join the Friends of the Lye Valley

Mary G

The Burning Question

There will be a talk at Wadham on 18 October.  All welcome.  Details have been circulated previously.

Low Carbon Hub

Jill was nominated to represent us on the board of the above.

Statistics for the year

Mary and Lesley will enter these on the database


Mary G/Lesley

Date of Next Meeting:  11 November 2013



Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  2 September 2013

Present: Anna, Lesley, Seb, Quartus, Jill, Robin, Mary G

Apologies: Mary W, Glyn, Hilary



Quartus Trichardt addressed the group: he spoke about the Energy Saving Co-op and its efforts to reduce carbon emissions.  He can offer free surveys to members of LCH and Carbon Conversations participants.  Under the ESC’s ‘Community Offer’ LCH would receive a percentage if the survey was taken up. Information to be put on the website. The group felt this was a good idea as we need to provide practical information.

  • Quartus to supply full details.
  • Lesley to send out details.

Car Club: Common Wheels have rebranded as Co-Wheels.  Although they tendered to supply cars for Brookes University they were unsuccessful.  The club now has 3 cars in Headington and is still hoping to get an electric car.

It is proposed to have a public meeting in conjunction with the Transport Group.


Robin to keep us updated.

Transport Group: County Officers had been talking to local major employers only, unfortunately they had not spoken to local residents.  They did however speaker to members of the Transport Group after some pressure had been put on them and have launched a consultation, which you can access by clicking here.

Robin was unhappy with this as there are only two rather general questions; and it only seems to apply to certain parts of the area and not others.  Please note that the deadline is 27 September.


Robin to keep us updated

Wind Turbine Group: Jill and Jennifer visited the Windmill School to discuss placing solar panels on the new school buildings.  The school are keen to go ahead, but the exact scheme is yet to be decided. Government funding is available for schools.

The group are planning to write to David Cameron to emphasise the issues that the MoD have with radar – new technology has been developed which uses 3D techniques and will be able to tell the difference between missiles and wind turbines.  It was emphasised that both off shore and on shore wind technology is important.


Jill to convene the group


Carbon Conversations: there are dates set for 2 groups starting  in October, one facilitated by Jennifer and Mary, one at Brookes with Seb and Wendy.  There will be a taster at the library on 26 September.

There has been a suggestion to hold a shared meal for current and ex-participants  with the North Oxford group with a speaker from Eynsham Tea in November.


There will also be a facilitator meeting for the Oxford Group.

Mary G



Farmers Market: Seb and Lesley will look into Apps so that passers by can have their carbon foot print measured at the farmers market

Seb and Lesley

Neighbourhood Plan:  Seb, Quartus and Robin offered to feed a low carbon perspective into the neighbourhood plan.  Mary G will forward the information she already has to them and contact David Rundle to get them included on email lists, etc.

Seb, Quartus and Robin

Mary G to advise

Seb to convene the group

Electricity Monitors: we need someone to take over the monitors, to ensure that they are well maintained and to keep track of them


Newsletter: there will be an  update at the end of November, beginning December.  Deadline: 26 November


Any Other Business:

  • Mary Gill told us about an opportunity for a community allotment in Old Headington.  There can be council help if necessary; Incredible Edible may also be interested.  Seb will ask Oxgrow.
  • Climate Jobs Group: working up to the general election in 2015 the group has been meeting and has organised a meeting at Wadham College on 18 October at 7pm.
  • A dark day was held in Germany.  Carbon emissions have gone up there due to the abandonment of nuclear technology.  There was a discussion of the export of carbon emissions and the question ‘Should there be a cap on what we dig out of the ground, or what we put into the air’.
  • Electric charger points for cars are being put into Brookes and it was noted that these can be obtained for free for households.
  • Brookes 10th Anniversary as a Fair Trade University: there will be a tea party in October to which locals will be invited.  Watch this space!
  • A branch  of Plant for the Planet has been founded in Andover.  This is a scheme for children from 8-14.  They would love any help we can offer.
  • Apple Day: this will be held on 13 October. Anna will be sending us details soon.


Mary G to advise full details


Seb to advise



Date of Next Meeting:  14 October


Low Carbon Headington

AGM Minutes

held at Headington Baptist Church
7:30 - 13 May 2013

Apologies: David Rundle, Jennifer Marsden, Hilary Rollin, Chess Black, Van Coulter

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved
  2. The  honorary officers were re-elected
    1. Chair: Jill Haas
    2. Treasurer: Mary Woolliams
    3. Secretary: Lesley Harris
    4. Newsletter: Anna Murray
    5. Website: as Chess Black had not been contacted to see if she wished to continue it was decided that Lesley would do this.  If she was unable to continue Lesley and Seb would share the job.
    6. World Environment day: to be held on 5 June.  There will be a talk on Ecocide at Holy Trinity church at 8pm. (Details can be found on their website at
    7. Jean Wyke thanked the group for their participation in the Arts Weeks launch, and asked if we could help to give Arts Weeks 2014 an eco-friendly theme.  Thinking caps on!
    8. Mary Gill wondered if a member of the Core Group could participate in the Headington Neighbourhood Plan Core Group.
    9. Thanks were expressed to Hillary Rollin, the Swap Shop folk, Mary Hope (for auditing the accounts) and to all those who facilitated Carbon Conversations throughout the year.
    10. Date of next meeting: 10 June, at the Butchers Arms at 8pm.



Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes 22 April  2013

Present: Lesley, Glyn, Anna, Jill, Brian, Mary G

Apologies:  Mary W, Hilary




Various jobs:

  • Book kitchen
  • Tea/coffee
  • Cake
  • Speaker to be confirmed
  • Timing will be 7:30-9:30
  • Poster/signup sheets, etc
  • Ask Gardening Group to provide plants
  • Annual Report
  • Minutes of last AGM
  • Accounts already prepared by Mary W
  • Swap shop to be contacted






Mary G




Mary G



Mary G

Mary G



  1. Art Weeks Launch:
    1. Stall is arranged at a cost of £10
    2. Smoothie bike is booked
    3. Seb will be contacted re his planting idea, but there is a Plan Bee if necessary
    4. Erection of bike
    5. Core group will be asked to help
    6. Headington Fayre

It was decided not to do this, although Lesley will put some publicity on the Friends of the Earth stall.


Mary G




Wind Turbine Group

We still do not know if we have been chosen as a project by the student consultancy.


Jill will advise


Open Shop Doors

Jill, Mary and Lesley visited BBB Stores, Greggs and Peacocks to ask the managers why their doors are constantly open.

BBB Stores has no heating, so there is no heat loss.  The door is left open due to thefts from the outside display.

Greggs: Jill has had a reply from Greggs head office as suggested by the manager, who state that they are trialling a closed door policy elsewhere, however they also said that they have a hot air curtain by the door which stops the heat escaping.  It was wondered how ‘low carbon’ this is.

Peacocks: we await a reply from Peacocks head office.  The manager explained that they have to leave the doors open due to disability access as the doors are heavy, whilst we appreciate the disability issue they have two sets of double doors constantly open.  Lesley wrote to Head Office to ask if it was possible to have automatic doors.





Jill to contact Greggs




Lesley to advise

Carbon Conversations

There are two new facilitators to be trained.  We have offered to subsidise their training costs (£25 pp) and fares.  Mary G has donated a fee from some training for trainers she carried out in Bristol to cover the costs.

Mary W to note

Traffic Group

The group are going to contact Brookes and the hospitals to see where their staff travel from and to.  They are also going to look at cycling in the city.  A ist of issues was raised at a previous meeting, they will be divided into topics so that questions can be asked of County Councillors after the election.

Meeting Dates: it was decided to meet on Monday, 10 June, and then maybe have a break for the summer.

Group to decide in June


  1. Anna reported on the film Thin Ice.
  2. Anna will produce a newsletter after the AGM
  3. A-Frame will be repainted green
  4. We will have a stall at the Farmers Market on Friday, 26 April





Thanks to everyone for all the hard work this year.


Date of Next Meeting:  13 May for the AGM at the Baptist Church, Headington.  Meeting starts at 7:30, 7:00 pm to set up (if you can spare the time), please.



Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes  25 March  2013

Present:  Glyn, Lesley, Seb, Mary G, Jill, Brian, Mary W

Apologies: Hilary, Anna




Car Club: No new news


Wind Turbine: Jill will go to the CAG Evening to network with other local groups.  She still has not heard from the university about the student project, so will chase up.


Headington Traffic Group: have already been 2 meetings.  Mary G will circulate the minutes of the last meeting to update the group. Highlights:

  • There is a list of aims of the group
  • This will be part of the Neighbourhood Action Plan
  • Discussions on rat runs and cycle routes
  • The police have proposed a volunteer scheme to monitor the 20mph speed limit
  • Request for a proper traffic survey detailing where traffic is coming from and where it is going to
  • The next meeting will decide priorities

It was noted that nothing can happen until after the County Council restructuring.


Jill and Lesley to attend the next meeting

Greggs and open shop doors

We will have a petition on the stall at the next Farmers Market (hopefully it will be a bit warmer!).  Members might like to ask shops to close their doors and explain why.


Thanks to Hilary for her research.

Mary and Jill to draw up wording for the petition.

Co-op Bank

There were several ideas:

  • Funding for AGM
  • Gardening group might like to run a composting demonstration or an open garden
  • Payment for Carbon Conversations trainers
  • Payment for updated books

Please put your thinking caps on!

Marys to ask gardening group

All: ideas, please

Carbon Conversations

  • The Brookes group is just finishing
  • Seb and Wendy have offered to train as trainers, possibly to work in East Oxford and with students
  • Possible group in Sandhills/Risinghurst.  We now have enough people to run a group.  Leaflets will be distributed and the dates have been decided


After some discussion it was decided to use the AGM as a strategy meeting for all members and if possible have a speaker from the Energy Saving Co-op.

Jill to speak to Energy Saving Co-op

Lesley to find costing for small room at Baptist Church

CAG Network Social Evening

The following wish to go:



Mary G


Mary W

Lesley to contact organisers

Art Weeks

It was decided that we would have a stall in Kennett Road.

Ideas for next time, please

Mary G to contact organisers


A Frame: Glyn will revarnish


Petitions:  Two petitions to be circulated to members asking them to sign should they feel it right.  One is about Tarsands and the other about Climate Change

Expenses: Any expenses for 2012/2013 to Mary W by 26 April.  Please.

Easit: Seb mentioned this organisation which is working with both Universities and major employers in the area.



Glyn to revarnish A frame

Lesley to circulate to members

Date of Next Meeting:  22 April


Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes 25 February 2013

Present: Anna, Lesley, Glyn, Hilary, Mary G, Jill, Seb, Robin

Apologies: Mary W



Wind Turbine Group
Jill has applied for a student consultancy to look at solar installations on homes.  She also attended a meeting with CND at the Town Hall and they are happy to work with us to look at how we can investigate MOD objections to Wind Turbines in our area.

Cumbria Wind Watch to be contacted








Transport Group

It was noted that the first meeting will be on Thursday, 28 Feb.


Lesley to attend

Car Club
Not a lot of progress.  Car club has three cars and the use of these is sustainable.  One car is underused.  No progress on electric cars.  Discussion on the contamination caused by electric car batteries.


There will also be ‘Boris’ bikes at the improved Park & Ride.



Robin to keep us posted.

Cycling Group
Had had no meeting for some time.  Update on City and County Council Cycling Projects.  There will be ‘quiet’ cycle routes from Thornhill to major employers and the city centre from Headington.


Pot holes are being monitored, if you have information contact the City Council by clicking on the link.


Robin to keep us posted.


Greggs Bakers door is left open and not only lets in the cold air but also a pigeon who contaminates the food, which has to be thrown out.


Hilary offered to check what other doors are left open in Headington.  Please contact Lesley if you spot any, we will then contact the ‘perpetrator’ and ask them to close the door.  It was suggested that we also had a petition at the Farmers Market.





Hilary/Lesley/Mary G/Any other eagle eyes!

Impact Modelling
Mary G and Lesley attended a meeting on the above.  It was decided that we would take part and would trial these areas of our work:

  1. Carbon conversations
  2. Eco renovation/Superhomes
  3. Possibly Seed Swap
  4. Possibly Car Club

This would help us to evaluate our work.


Hilary had already sent her report on Thermal Imaging to Peter Le Fort.

Lesley to send out details of the Portal to the group




Mary G





Co-op Bank
Mary W asked for thoughts on what we could spend a Co-op grant on.


If you have any ideas  let her know or bring them to the next meeting


All Group


Date is 13 May.  The speaker was no longer available, so Mary G will look at showing a film ‘Chasing Ice’.


Venue will need ability to show the film, Lesley to phone St Andrews school and/or the Baptist Church to check availability


Mary G


Carbon Conversations

The group at Brookes is working well and there are enough people to run a second group.


We would like to run a group in Sandhills/Risinghurst, but it is proving difficult to organise.  Hilary has done sterling work with publicity and will continue to do so.


Mary will send flyers electronically  to Lesley and Hilary, who will publicise it locally.


Will attempt to have a taster session, possibly in Quarry so that all three areas are covered.





Hilary/Mary G

Mary G


There will be a Superhomes week from 16-23 March.  The group is not aware of any events locally; usually owners contact us to help and this has not happened this year.


It would be interesting to organise something with the owner of the passive house in Kennett Road when it is ready.


Group to keep ears and eyes open, please

Electricity Monitors

Group has been offered a monitor.  Currently the three owned by the group are with Carbon Conversations participants.  The new meter will be offered to them.



Date of Next Meeting:



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