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Meeting Reports 2012


Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes: 21 November, 2012

Present:  Jill Haas, Brian, Hilary Rollin, Mary Gill, Matt Spry, Robin Gill, Roddy, Patrick Coulter, Mary Woolliams, Lesley Harris, Glyn Backshall

  1. Matt Spry – Traffic: Matt represents Atkins who is consulting for the Oxfordshire County Council on sustainable travel intiatives for a 3 year period.  Matt and colleagues will be talking to local communities and other consultants will be talking to the Universities and the hospitals.  By ‘sustainable’ they mean cycling, walking and bus use.  They will also be working with the city council and Sandhills and Risinghurst Parish Council.

The following points were raised:


  • Underpasses at Headington roundabout are difficult to negotiate, cycle tracks should be made more attractive; particularly the stretch from the Co-op to the roundabout and the cycle path to Wheatley.
  • The new cycle path from the Park and Ride to the roundabout on the Neilson’s side needs to be very good to attract cycles (please leave room for pedestrians!)
  • Methods used by other countries for cycle paths should be looked at
  • Could the cycle path at Green Road be routed so that it goes around the bus shelter and not in front?
  • There was concern re: confusion on signage and routing details on cycle paths


  • Where is the traffic going to and coming from?  Need for a proper evaluation of both.  Matt will get someone from the traffic side to look at this, although a survey has been done of where traffic is going to in the Headington corridor.  A survey should be carried out in term time.
  • Matt will look at school traffic
  • Enforcement of the 20mph speed limit
  • The ultimate destination of rat runs such as Highfield Area to the Churchill should be looked at.
  • A further transport survey of employees at the Old Road Campus should be carried out; it was pointed out that an employer is in a position to require staff to respond and that  a low response rate is not acceptable for planning purposes as it is not indicative of trends. The expansion of Brookes will/is causing congestion in that area
  • Could there be a free shuttle service to the Old Road campus from Thornhill?
  • Concern re impact of expansion of Thornhill on Sandhills/Risinghurst
  • Concern re impact of introducing charging at Thornhill for more than 11 hours on Sandhills/Risinghurst
  • Could there be a survey of who parks and Thornhill, is it mainly students?
  • Should there be a further Park and Ride further out?


  • Need to consider pedestrians, particularly those with walking problems: ie: difficult to use wheelchairs on uneven pavements
  • Footpaths are not gritted in bad weather
  • Crossings are dangerous and too close together, the timing of the lights is too short so that pedestrians are forced to run across the road.
  • Concern re almost confrontational situation of the cycle paths, so that often pedestrians and cyclists have to share areas.

Matt stated that it was his role to engage the community by using his experience in other areas, so he will take his time and mirror what is going on in other areas.  We asked for someone from the council to attend.  There was talk about having a small group of local residents to liaise with Matt.  We also asked for an audit trail, so that we know our needs are being addressed



Patrick will ask local residents association if anyone would like to liaise with Matt on an independent transport group composed of local residents and report back to LCH

Matt to find someone from OCC to address next meeting, as they were unable to come this time.

  1. 2. Finances: balance of accounts stands at £543.00

  2. 3. Farmers Market: cover was arranged for 23 November, next dates are 13 December and 20 December.  Please contact Mary Gill if you wish to help out.

  3. 4. Thermal Imaging Cameras: Hilary has booked the camera for 10 December.  We decided not to go ahead with the public meeting as there is enough interest already.  Lesley will contact her parish council to see if there might be any interest.

  4. 5. Wind Turbine Group:

a)      the student consultancy is going ahead and will report after Christmas

b)      the students are very keen and some would be interested to continue  to help out afterwards

c)       the group will be meeting the students on Wednesday, 28 November

d)      a public display has been suggested

  1. 6. Carbon Conversations: the sessions at Risinghurst and Sandhills have had to be postponed due to lack of interest, however a group will go ahead at Brookes.  The taster session at Bury  Knowle Library was a great success.


Lesley to contact Risinghurst/Sandhills Parish  Council and Roz Smith

Chess Black to circulate information re group at Brookes

Hilary to contact folk in Risinghurst who participated in the energy monitor loan scheme

  1. 7. Car Club: still awaiting permission for a slot at Waitrose car park for an electric car.

  2. 8. Community  Energy Event: to be held in January, as yet no time.  Lesley to keep the group updated.

  3. 9. Energy Saving Co-op: it was mooted that we have a public meeting involving them.  Please see link.

  4. 10. AOB:

Patrick told us that there will be a public meeting in January or February to  discuss a Neighbourhood Plan for Headington.  He will advise the date and time.

  1. 11. Date of Next Meeting: 16 January



Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes: 3 October 2012

Present:  Mary Gill, Jill Haas, Lesley Harris, Glyn Backshall, Mary Woolliams, Anna Marshall, Robin Gill

Apologies: Tom Flanagan, Hillary Rollin, Peter Le Fort

  1. Thermal Imaging Cameras: Highfield Residents Association would like to use these, but will need training.  Hillary Rollin had supplied some suitable dates and Anna, Glyn and Lesley expressed interest in doing the training. Jill will check the dates and duration with Peter Le Fort

Anna knew someone who had access to a camera and will contact him to see if it is available.

Mary Gill will contact the Energy Saving Coop to see if they would attend an open meeting in the new year.

  1. Farmers Market: next market is 12 October, the board will be put up at the market with flyers for the Carbon Conversations taster sessions at Bury Knowle Library.  Lesley will supply fresh leaflets with the correct Swap Shop information.

Market on 26 October:
9-10 Mary Gill
10-11 Jill Haas
11-12 Lesley Harris
12-1 Anna Murray

  1. Car Club: (see Sustainable Transport)

  2. Wind Turbine: Peter is checking to see if we can have a student, Jill will chase this up and inform the group.  Jill has also had some information on the turbine friendly radar, which isn’t suitable for Air Traffic Control systems – so there is no solution to the issues with Brize Norton and Benson.  Mark Francois, the Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, is taking a personal interest.

  3. 5. One Show: some names were suggested, but it was felt that this was not something we might participate in.

  4. Banking: It was agreed unanimously that we should change the name of our Co-op bank account from ‘Headington CAG’ to ‘Low-Carbon Headington’.   It was also agreed unanimously that Lesley Harris should be added as an account signatory, now that she has taken on the role of Secretary to the organisation.  Alongside this, it was also agreed that we should take the opportunity to review who should remain as signatories to the account.  Mary W had e-mailed Tanya Field prior to the meeting to ask for her thoughts about this; Tanya replied to say that she was happy to be removed from the list of signatories.  It was agreed that all other signatories would be kept.   ACTION:  Mary W to fill in the forms as required, gaining signatures from all signatories as needed to action these decisions.  Mary W has spoken to the relevant department at the Co-operative Bank for advice about how to fill in the forms correctly and will ensure that all the correct paperwork is sent off to them.


  1. AOB


  1. i.      Open Houses: Anna gave an update.  Avril Stediford is unwell, so we will think about organising and event in the new year.
  2. ii.      Anti Austerity March: organised by Climate Jobs Campaign.  Meet at 11am at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday, 20 October.  Contact Jill for more details.
  3. iii.      Sustainable Transport: There was not much to report on the car club.  Commonwheels are negotiating with the City Council re parking charges.  Robin was concerned that there may not be a demand for the electric car in Headington, particularly as an Audi has now been donated.  This will be parked in Kennett Road.

    Residents in Marston are hoping to expand the car club either with Zipcar or Commonwheels.

    Commonwheels withdrew their bid to supply Brookes with pool cars as they felt that this was not a sustainable project.

    Matt Spry from the County Council will talk to us next month about Sustainable Transport.  Please note that there is an open meeting on Saturday, 5 October from 11-12 at Bury Knowle Library.  The council are talking about having ‘Boris Bikes’ at the Park & Ride, and also a new cycle route into Headington.  There was concern that the City and the County may not be working together as successfully as they might.  There is also the issue of parents driving their children to school.  Jill will attend.




Low Carbon Headington
Meeting Notes: 5 September, 2012

Present: Mary Gill, Jill Haas, Lesley Harris, Glyn Backshall, Peter LeFort, Sarah Burns
Apologies: Robin Gill, Mary Wooliams

1. Community Action Project: Sarah introduced us to the project, which will be to develope a model for measuring community action and its impact. She will be collecting data re: energy saving, waste reduction. It was agreed that some aspects of this are unquantifiable. We can help by providing numbers of people attending events, take up of energy monitor records (Jill), details of the car club (Robin), records of the swap shop (Peter will ask Tanya for details).

2. Thermal Imaging Cameras: These can be loaned to CAGs for two week periods. We wondered if they could be used by Carbon Conversations; but it was felt that an event to demonstrate these could be organised. The group could discuss this by email. Jill will contact local residents’ associations to see if they would like to help us to organise and event. The group will then discuss.

3. Waste Reduction Week: Various options were discussed, but it was felt that the group should concentrate on thermal imaging.

4. Farmers Market: Many thanks to Glyn for making a lighter, easier to transport A Frame, and to Lesley for re-doing the leaflets. Next Farmers Market is on 14 September. Mary and Jill to do 2 hours. Lesley will get the new leaflets printed.

5. Pathfinder Meeting: Jill attended this meeting during the summer where she met the Environment Minister and Nicola Blackwood, MP for West Oxford. She spoke to them about One Million Climate Jobs (see She and Lesley also met Andrew Smith, MP for East Oxford, to speak about this. The Minister had not given Jill a good answer to her question and she was anxious to ask Andrew to follow this up. He is keen to do so.

6. Car Club: Commonwheels are notoriously tardy and little progress has been made with the electric cars. Brookes are also working to provide community cars for university use during the working day and for the rest of the community outside the working day. Commonwheels are amongst the bidders for this, so we await result on these discussion. Robin will keep us posted.

7. Wind Turbine: Jill also reported that Andrew Smith is looking into the issue of the MoD objections. Jill to convene a meeting of the group to discuss further options and also to speak to Peter re the possibility of getting a student to help with the project.

8. AOB
a. Peter spoke about a course entitled Avoiding Meltdown which Jill, Mary and Lesley are attending.
b. Peter also spoke about the student consultancy. Jill will see if we can use some student help on the wind turbine project.
c. Glyn will be bowing out of Low Carbon Headington temporarily due to other commitments.
d. Thanks to Anna for the excellent newsletter
e. There will be a taster session for Carbon Conversations at Bury Knowle Library on 15 October. Please let Mary know if you are interested.


Low Carbon Headington

Meeting Notes 13 June 2012


Present:  Mary Gill, Jill Hass, Robin Gill, Lesley Harris


  1. 1. CAG Grant: it was agreed that we only need to apply for insurance cover.  Mary  Woolliams to action
  2. Stalls:
    1. Family Sports Day: to be held in Headington on 12 August.  Agreed this was aimed at mainly at sporting organisations, so we would not have a stall.
    2. Farmers Market: now held on 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.  Mary Gill will recruit volunteers and Glyn Backshall will make a lighter A-frame with a pocket for A5 leaflets for days we cannot attend.

Next Market is 22 June:

9-10 Mary Gill

10-11 Lesley and Glyn

11-12 Jill Hass

  1. Updates:
    1. a. Car Club: it is hoped to have and electric car in Headington based in Waitrose car park by the charging point.  An investor has been found, although £25,000 is required to implement this.  It is hoped to take this further by the end of June.
    2. b. Cycling Club: this is an independent body and is a pressure group of Headington cyclists.  Oxford City Council has a £300,000 budget to spend on developing quiet cycle routes, so the group are hoping to influence this.  There was also discussion of the 20mph speed limit which is not imposed.  Recently there have been changes in the government rules, and it is hoped to influence the candidates for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner.
    3. c. Wind Turbine Group: unfortunately the person who offered to write up the proposal has had some family issues.  Jill has offered to ask if one of his/her colleagues would be able to take this further.
    4. Events: Jill will  attend the Pathfinder Meeting on Thursday, 14 June and will report at the next meeting.
    5. AOB: Newsletter: Mary Gill will arrange a meeting with Lesley and Anna so that a newsletter can be produced in September.
    6. Date of Next Meeting: it was decided that meetings would be held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.  We will take a break in July and August.


LCH core group notes, 28.3.12
Present: Jill Haas, Anna Murray, Robin Gill, Mary Gill, Glyn Roberts, Lesley
Harris, Rebecca le Prevost
Hilary Rollin, Sebastian Blake, Simon Kenton, Peter le Fort

1.    Janet Payne from ŒGroundwork¹  came to tell us about their 'Green
School Roadshows'.- Groundwork will be at St Andrews School on May 2nd
.There will be a bus roadshow and workshops during the school day, the focus
being on energy, recycling and waste. They will work mainly with Y2 and Y5.
Children will be in groups of 10 for various activities. At the end of the
school day CAGs and other community stalls will be there to catch parents
collecting children. Janet will liaise with the school on our behalf and ask
for a table. We agreed we¹d be there at 2.45 to set up.
We decided to have a range of information leaflets, as for the farmers¹
market. Also electricity monitors to lend to parents, information about
carbon conversations groups and car club. Anna, Jill and Mary are all able
to be there.

2. AGM arrangements. New officers? Mary wishes to resign as secretary at the
AGM, to concentrate on Carbon Conversations. Lesley is willing to become
secretary, and Anna to take on the newsletter. Thanks to both! Lesley will
look into reviving the LCH email address, or maybe starting again with a new
address. Mary and Lesley will liaise on transferring the email address list.

3. Low-Carbon Hub meeting 17th March - report from Jill on Community
Strategy Day. There was useful networking. A number of groups want a
political strategy as well as community action. There was a lot of
discussion and initiatives on local food issues. Notes from the day are
awaited. Andrew Alkiviades (graduate student from Oxford University) is
looking into the potential for replacing the closing part of Didcot power
station with renewables in Oxfordshire. He will be involved with the group
Jill is convening to continue work on a turbine at Thornhill, and thinks
current difficulties can be overcome. Meanwhile, Lesley is to attend a
community energy meeting and has asked pertinent questions about community
wind turbines and will feed back responses. Jill will arrange a date in
April to meet, Mary to advertise to LCH mailing list.

4.    Carbon Conversations update (Mary). There are now 5 trained
facilitators in Headington. A course is planned starting in April (Mary and
Katie Wilson to be facilitators). We hope to have one based at Brookes in
the autumn. There is also a plan for one based at St Mary and John primary
school (possibly in autumn).

5.    Farmers market stall on Friday 27th April. Mary set up, 8.30-9am, Anna
9-10, Jill 10-11, Lesley 11-12. Mary will take stall down.
It¹s likely the market will be twice monthly at some point in the future.
Agreed we¹d need twice as many helpers to cover both Fridays. Can ask for
volunteers at AGM. In the meantime, or if this is not successful, we could
leave the A-board with a message that we¹ll be there next time. Glyn offered
to make a new A-board for us. Thanks! This could be kept in the Gill garage
and would be easy to collect and put up.

6. CAG networking meeting, April 19th. 7-9pm, county Hall café. Mary will
go. If anyone else would like to join her please let her know.

7. Opportunity to work with Oxfordshire  students. Agreed to consider this
further. Mary to talk to Dan Betterton at networking evening. Possibly for a
future date? Contact for more info.

8. Next meeting will be Wed April 25th, 8pm at Butchers Arms.


Notes from LCH Core group meeting, Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Present: Jill Haas, Anna Murray, Robin Gill, Mary Gill, Sebastian Blake,
Glyn Roberts, Lesley Harris, Rebecca le Prevost
Apologies: Van Coulter, Hilary Rollin

1.    'Green School Roadshows'- St Andrews School on May2nd
Janet Payne was not able to attend today but Mary will invite her to the
next meeting. She will talk through what she will be doing in the school,
and we can finalise our plans for a stall at the end of the school day.
Jill, Anna and Mary are definitely able to be there, Lesley and Glyn

2.    Update on AGM arrangements
Sebastian has booked a room at Brookes for May 22nd, 7-9pm. Martin Brook has
confirmed he will be there. Robin will contact Paul Buckingham for
confirmation. Projector can be available. Decision about refreshments etc at
a later meeting.

3.    Low Carbon Hub update:
Hub has received a grant of £126,00 from Defra, under their LEAF project
(Local Energy Assessment Fund). It will be used for power down (energy
saving) and power up (community renewables).
There is a meeting on Saturday 17th March to follow up from the meeting of
groups before Christmas. Two people per group are invited. Jill will attend
­ we need one more person. Jill will contact Hilary. Also possible, Mary or
Jill has raised issues about political campaigning as art of the Hub¹s role.
( also an issue for LCH.)

4.    LCH Community renewables working group meeting . There will be a
meeting in March, at a time that suits Adam Twine. Jill will let us know.

5.    Carbon Conversations update:
We are planning a group after Easter (based round Headington Quarry), and
another in the autumn (at Brookes). Three ex CC group members would like to
attend the training for new facilitators on March 10th. Agreed LCH will fund
this (£20 each)

6.    Farmers market stall on Friday 24th Feb:
Mary will get A-board and set up, also take down at the end. Mary 8.30 ­
9am, Anna 9-10am, Lesley 10-11am, Jill 11 ­ 12.
Agreed to have a break next month.

Hub meeting on Solar PV tomorrow ­ no one able to attend.

Fair trade events at Brookes ­
28.Feb 11am-3pm Fairtrade Fair in the food court.
9 March1-2pm ­ fairtrade banana producer from Windward Islands ­ talk; 2-4pm
fashion symposium
19th April 7.30pm at Port Mahon, St Clements Pub Quiz in aid of FoE to raise
money for Karl who is cycling from London ­ Edinburgh. Teams for quiz of up
to 6 people. £15 per team

Monday 26th March 2012, 8pm, All Saints Church Hall: Highfield Residents
Association has organized a talk and Q and A session with Robert Worthy from
Solaflair on solar PV. Contact Hilary Rollin  <>

Next meeting will be on Wednesday March 28th, 8pm at the Butchers Arms



Apologies: Mary Gill, Simon Kenton, Hilary Rollin, Mary Woolliams, Van Coulter

1. LCH-AGM: Decided on 22 May 2012 from 7-10 pm. Jill will confirm this with Martin Brook; Robin will confirm with Paul Buckingham.
Sebastian will book room at Brookes for around 50 people. Decided on no refreshments as none of the rooms seem to have
a kitchen.

2. FARMERS’ MARKET, FRIDAY: Decided A-board impractical this month. Glyn will collect table from side of your house and
then return it after market finishes. He and Lesley are on from 9-10; I’m on from 10-11 and Anna on from 11-12. We couldn’t
decide what focus it should take and thought we could count on you just to recycle an older leaflet; email me the contents
and I will photocopy.

3. WEBSITE: Robin and Lesley are meeting today, ie. 24th, to sort it out. Robin will then be in contact with Stephanie
Jenkins to add to Headington Action website.

4. CAR CLUB: Jill will be giving leasing form to woman in her Keep-Fit group. That may be other car.

5. CARBON CONVERSATIONS: Brookes group postponed til the autumn. Planning group based around Headington Quarry
is scheduled for after Easter; you to advertise to whole LCH email list. Two people interested thus far. Hopefully, training
for new facilitators soon – now have 3 people interested. New CC manager based at COIN – Anthony Armitrage.

6. RENEWABLE ENERGY GROUP: Adam Twine, who is an expert on wind turbines, has agreed to advise the group but is
not available to March so Jill will not call our first meeting until then. Will advise group members who weren’t at meeting
by email.

7. FOOD GROWING/GARDENING: There is a local foods meeting on Thursday, 9th February from 4-6 p.m. at the Turl Street
Kitchen; LCH rep welcome. They will talk about project in Boars Hill. Dan Betterton form “Cultivate” happy to address
future LCH meeting.

8. AOB: Mary Wolliams away for three months; Mary G  has cheque book. Swap Shop hours now 11-12 instead of 1 p.m.
Brookes having Fairtrade fortnight – 27 February – 12 March. Fairtrade Fair on 28 Feb, Tuesday 12-2 and on
Friday, 9 March, 12-2, rep from the Windward Islands will speak. Co-op will also be present.

Next Core meeting: Wednesday, 15th February, 8.0 p.m., Butchers’ Arms.


Notes from LCH Core group meeting, Monday 12th December 2011

Present: Jill Haas, Hilary Rollin, Anna Murray, Robin Gill, Mary Gill, Sebastian Blake (Oxford Brookes), Jennifer Marsden

Apologies: Mary Woolliams, Lesley Harris, Glyn Backshall, Felicity and Karl Wallendzus, Simon Kenton.

1. Low-carbon Hub launch. Very positive response from all. It was an inspiring occasion. It is a shame that there was not more time for the ZCB speaker’s talk. Possibility of a public meeting at Brookes later.
There will be a follow-up meeting for the Hub in March.

2. Plan for next farmers market stall on 23rd Dec. Agreed to have Christmas theme, focusing on reducing consumption, recycling waste, using up leftover food etc. Hilary will ask the Windmill Fair Trade shop if they’d like to sell their tokens on the stall. Sebastian will send his notes from a similar event which we can use. Anna will check about Christmas tree collection. Everyone to send ideas  to Jill and Mary who will work them into a leaflet, including ‘Happy Christmas from LCH’.  Suggested rota: 8.30 – 10 am- Mary; 10-11am Jill; 11-12 Lesley and Glyn; 12 – 1pm Thomas Kelley (Mary to ask him and also check time with Lesley and Glyn.)

3. AGM/Public meeting.  Martin Brook from Eco Living can attend and will talk about renewable energy. Robin and Mary will ask Paul Buckingham from ‘Sustainable Lifestyles’ to talk about energy efficiency, insulation etc. Possible dates identified are May 9th, 17th or 22nd. When we have established a date with the speakers Sebastian will see if he can book a room at Brookes.

4. Group to work on Community Renewable electricity. Agreed to set this up. Jill will be contact person. Jennifer and Anna would like to be involved. We will advertise this through the newsletter and Sebastian will advertise it within Brookes.

5. Car club. Robin will investigate possibility of another car for Headington. He will check with Commonwheels, then see if Headington Action can help with finance. Robin will send Jennifer details of how to lease a car to Commonwheels and general info about car club to Sebastian.

6. Carbon Conversations. Mary hopes to set up a new group after Christmas, recruited mainly from within Brookes (Chess Black is doing this). Mary will send info to Sebastian to help with advertising.

7. Swap shop. Might be able to recruit more helpers from Brookes. Mary to contact Tanya and Kate and get info to Sebastian.

8. Next meeting will be Monday January 23rd, 8pm at the Butchers Arms

Notes from Core group meeting, Monday November 14th 2011
Present: Mary Woolliams, Lesley Harris, Glyn Backshall, Mary Gill, Jill
Haas, Hilary Rollin, Anna Murray, Robin Gill, Van Coulter

1. Low-carbon Hub launch, December 1st, 6.30 for 7pm. Mary will email LCH
supporters to ask anyone who would like to attend to contact Jill. Jill can
then arrange for an invitation.

2. LCH website. Lesley says this is easy to manage. She, Mary W and Robin
will meet in early January  to make minor changes. (Date not fixed)

3. Farmers' market stall
Next stall is 25th November. Focus will be on transport and carbon
emissions. Mary G will write a draft leaflet to include info on
transport-related CO2 emissions and suggestions on pledges that people could
make to reduce their carbon footprint in this area. This can be edited via
emails. Roz Smith will help out. We hope that she may have a petition about
cycling in Old Road, which would also give a local focus. Hilary will be
meeting her soon. Mary G will make contact by phone if needed.
Mary and Robin will collect board and set up. We shall ask Roz to cover
9-10, Jill 10 ­ 11, Lesley and Glyn 11-12 and Anna 12-1. Robin will clear up
at the end.

4. Bank account
Mary W has arranged for us to have on-line banking and the forms were signed
for Mary W and Mary G to have this access.
Changing the name on the bank account: the meeting agreed unanimously that
the organisation name on the bank account should be Low-Carbon Headington
instead of Headington CAG. Mary W will complete the paperwork for this
change to happen.

5. AGM/ public meeting. Suggested speaker was Martin Brook from eco-living,
recommended by Jill and Hilary who heard him speak at a seminar. He would be
able to talk about home energy audits and reducing energy consumption. Also
suggested was a talk about Carbon Conversations, possibly by two CC
participants. Date of AGM to be arranged later (mid April to mid May). Jill
will contact MB.

AOB: Hilary raised the issue of lights being left on at the Park hospital
car park site all night. Hilary will draft a letter about this and circulate
it. Suggested involving the local press (Damian Fantato).

Date of next meeting: Monday December 12th, 8pm at Hilary¹s house. Bring
food and drink!

Notes from Core group meeting, Monday 24th October 2011
Present: Mary Woolliams, Lesley Harris, Glyn Backshall, Mary Gill, Jill Haas, Hilary Rollin
Apologies: Anna Murray, Robin Gill

1.  Zero Carbon Britain Public meeting, to be combined with the launch of the Low-carbon Hub, December 1st, 6.30 for 7pm. Jill will attend a planning meeting this Wednesday. Further infoto follow, especially about publicity.

2.  LCH website. Now migrated to our own site. Robin sent notes which Lesley understands (hooray!)  Robin will liaise with Lesley and Mary W about updating website, including sending password etc. He says he’d also like to see how it is done!

3.  Andrews is offering to help groups such as ours with publicity. Hilary will email Jill and Mary G with

4.  Farmers' market stall

Next stall is 28th Oct (this Friday). Lesley and Mary G are unable to help this week, but we agreed to go ahead if possible. Mary G will ask Thomas Kelley (who offered) if he can do an hour this week. Focus this
week on carbon footprint associated with home energy. Will use pledge tree again. Mary G will write a draft leaflet to include info on home energy-related CO2 emissions and suggestions on pledges that people could make to reduce their carbon footprint in this area. This can be edited via emails. (Last month we gave out 100 leaflets.)

Robin will collect board and help set up. Jill will cover 9-10,
Glyn 10 – 11 and we’ll ask Thomas for 11 – 12.

5. COOP community fund. The Coop has awarded us the £350 we asked for. £200 will be used towards the cost of the CAT speaker for the Low-carbon Hub launch. £150 will be for books for Carbon Conversations groups to borrow.
Mary G will order these.

6. Van reported on the inaugural meeting he has attended inPotsdam to encourage climate change initiatives in the EU at local government level. There was discussion of bottom-up initiatives such as Transition Towns.
A guest delegate from Zanzibar detailed how Climate change will have a disproportionate effect on the poor South where it will be a matter of life and death. Britain lags behind other European countries in development of energy
efficiency and renewables. A framework document was drawn up and EU funds willbe available. Van is writing a full report for the City Council.

7. Civic Society seminar on renewable energy, attended by Hilary and Jill. Some good speakers. Could have had more Q and A time. Hilary and Jill have information.

8. Public meeting on home energy use, possibly starting with insulation? We will consider combining this with our AGM next year. Might combine with Low-Carbon Barton. Might be relevant to U3A  members. Further discussion needed.

9. Civic Society Transport symposium, Sat 12th Nov, 10am – 4pm, St Hilda’s college. Car Club group might send members. Robin will follow up.

Date of next meeting: Monday November 14th, 8pm at Butchers Arms



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