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Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations

"Carbon Conversations is brilliant – it doesn’t preach, tell you what to do or make you feel guilty. It asks stimulating questions, provides clear information and fun exercises and then helps you make your own decisions."
The view of a Carbon Conversations participant

Carbon Conversations (developed by Cambridge Carbon Footprint offers a programme of 6 inspiring, practical meetings on low-carbon living. It was recently featured in The Guardian as one of the 20 best climate change solutions. The meetings are:

  • emotionally engaging
  • technically rigorous
  • using up to date, attractive handbook, games and materials.

Wall insulation
External solid-wall thermal insulation on a house in Headington

Led by trained volunteer facilitators, groups of 6–8 members meet in local homes. The six 2-hour meetings engage people both emotionally and practically, helping them overcome the barriers often associated with making large carbon reductions. Members explore the basic climate change problem, their responses to it, their ideas for a low-carbon future and the four key areas of the footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption. Most members make reductions of 1 tonne CO2 per year as a result of participating in the meetings and develop plans to halve their footprints over a longer period.

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